BTR® Magnetic Shoe Closures

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[Each package comes with 2 closures for a pair of shoes]

Everything about your shoes just got insanely easy!

  • Imagine slipping into your shoes as if there were no laces at all...
  • Imagine securing your laces with a simple click... 
  • Imagine removing your shoes handsfree... 
  • Imagine all of this and your shoes actually look better. 
  • Applying magnets to shoes changes everything.  The benefits go way beyond being just another “no-tie” shoelace solution. 
It's one of those investments you make that keeps you extremely happy long-term. Consider that even with your regular shoelaces double-knotted, you can still step on your heel and squeeze out of your shoes because this action generates a lot of force. These forces are not present when you run. That’s why your shoes stay on. When you run, the shoelaces are mostly lifting the weight of your shoe. Our magnetic buckles are engineered to be incredibly strong for their size. They hold your shoe secure while running and jumping, but they will split open when you step on your heel because the forces are much greater.