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Snap Screen Window

Snap Screen Window is the answer to all your hot-weather prayers! Now you can have your windows open to let fresh, cool air in but keep all those nasty bugs out. Thanks to a fine mesh construction, designed to allow the free flow of air but stop even small insects like mosquitoes and midges, you can easily fit a Snap Screen Window in a matter of minutes and enjoy a Summer breeze in the comfort of your home. Snap Screen Window is easy to install and requires no tools. The magnetic fittings mean that once you have the perfect size for your window, you can fit or remove it in seconds and store away for next Summer.

Lets the fresh air in but keeps the bugs out

Every Summer it’s the same problem: you need as much fresh, circulating air coming into your hot, stuffy home as possible but all those nasty, buzzy creepy crawlies come in with it. You open a window and, immediately, your home is filled with annoying pests. Worse still, you try to sleep at night near an open window to keep you cool and wake up with bites that itch and annoy you for days from mosquitoes and other night-time nasties! Snap Screen Window is made of a mesh that is fine enough to let all that sweet, cool air into your home but keep even the tiniest critters at bay. Now you can have all the windows wide open, letting fresh, cooling air circulate but not have a single buzzing, bothersome bug to deal with!

Magnetic, cut-to-size window screen

Unlike screen doors or other framed mesh solutions, Snap Screen Window is cut to size by you and fits your existing window frames, so you can make it fit any window, large or small, square, rectangular or even round, perfectly. The clever magnetic fixings mean you can position them exactly where they need to be and, because they’re magnets, you can remove and refit in seconds so you don’t have to decide whether to have a screen over your window all year round or not, you can have the best of both worlds. Once you have cut and fitted your Snap Screen Window, removal is as easy as turning a page, just take hold of a corner and lift it off, then fold it up and store it in a drawer until next Summer!

Effective for all sizes of flying and crawling nasties

The mesh of Snap Screen Window is fine enough to keep even the smallest midges, bugs, flies, and mosquitoes out of your home. But they aren’t the only creepy crawlies that want to enter your house uninvited. Moths will try and enter at night, spiders, beetles, as well as wasps and every kind of insect you can imagine will be stopped in its tracks. It also means that bees, which are endangered and need to be allowed to prosper, won’t find their way in and then be trapped indoors, they’ll be kept outside where they belong.

Magnetic, cut-to-size window screen

Lets the fresh air in but keeps the bugs out

Strong magnets hold it in place

Effective for all sizes of flying and crawling insects and bugs

Fits most sizes and shapes of window

Easy to put on and off as often as you like

Folds up for easy storage

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