Streamlined and stylish, the Pinkclover Breastband adds extra support to any bra to prevent breast bounce, pain and sagging. It's never too late to prevent further wear and tear on your delicate breast ligaments. Give your breasts the support they deserve with this quality breast support band.

On average sports bras only offer 60-70% bounce control…the Breastband looks after the rest! Turn your bra into a super mega supportive bra.

Loved by women from A Cups to L cups. This breast support band is designed for all women and all breast sizes.

4 Sizes available in Black or White (Detailed Size chart in listing images above)

Overbust Measurement

Small: 31” – 34”

Medium: 34” – 38”

Large: 38” – 42”

Extra Large: 42” – 48”

Wear discreetly under your top for everyday support and comfort. You will experience a new level of comfort and confidence thanks to this wonderful fitness accessory.

  • PREVENT BREAST BOUNCE, PAIN AND SAGGING. Leading an active lifestyle without adequate breast support can cause pain, discomfort and speed up irreversible breast sag. Reduce further wear and tear with the Pinkclover Breast Support Band. Sports bras offer 60-70% bounce control, this compression bra band looks after the rest. Great breast band for running, exercise & sport
  • TURN YOUR BRA INTO A MEGA SPORTS BRA. 4 sizes, black or white (size chart in images) Use for running, gym workouts, horse riding, yoga, pilates, tennis, soccer, basketball, netball, athletics & more. Move with confidence and comfort.
  • POST SURGERY BREAST BAND. Effective Breast Implant Band, wear with a surgical compression bra for soothing support. Post surgery breast band after breast lifts, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast reduction. Adjustable stabilizer band for all day comfort and support.
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE, HIGH PERFORMANCE, FABRIC, Ultimate comfort, not just elastic and Velcro like many other brands. Adjustable breast support band with a quality hook and eye closure for a snug fit. Loved by women from A to L cups. Exercise with confidence
  • MAJOR BREAST SUPPORT WITHOUT THE EXPENSE. Firm breast support and bounce control. “Absolutely fantastic product, high quality, great support, you forget you have it on” “I’ve tried several breast support bands and the Pinkclover one is the best”